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How to unlock Astrals:

Reach level 29 to unlock Astrals. Click the Astral icon to open up your new Astral system!

Astral functions: Activate, Supernova, Exchanging, Equipping

How to get Astrals:

1. Activation costs Coins. Activation will grant you Astrals which can be equipped to Heroes for stat bonuses.

2. Two types of Activation: Activate & Supernova

   Activate - Costs Coins and grants random Astrals

   Supernova - Costs Diamonds and grants a chance for high quality Astrals.


3. Your first daily Activate is free. Your first daily Supernova is half price!


4. Here's an overview of Astral activation:

Pisces: Fine Astrals and Astral EXP

Virgo: Fine Astrals and Astral EXP

Aquarius: Fine, Greater Astrals and Astral EXP

Libra: Fine, Greater Astrals

Scorpio: Fine, Greater, Rare Astrals

Taurus: Greater, Rare Astrals and Starshards. Starshards can be traded for Rare+ Astrals

Aries: Greater, Rare, Epic Astrals and Starshards

Supernova: High rates for Rare, Epic Astrals, Starshards, Epic EXP Astrals. Rare Astrals guaranteed!


Types of Astrals:

There are 3 types of Astrals: Stat Astrals, EXP Astrals and Starshards

1. Stat Astrals: Can be consumed, equipped to your main character and placed in your Astral inventory.


2. EXP Astrals: Can only be consumed. Can be placed in your Astral inventory. Consuming will grant Astral EXP.


3. Starshards: Can be exchanged for Epic Astrals.

Astral EXP and Astral Level:

1. Astral strength is as follows (strongest to weakest): Epic, Rare, Greater, Fine, Lesser

2. After consuming Astrals, you will receive Astral EXP. Higher quality Astrals will grant more Astral EXP.

3. Astral EXP can be used to level up Astrals you have equipped to your Heroes. The higher level your Astrals are, the greater the stat bonuses!