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Mythborne Introduction


As the story goes, before the age of Myths and Heroes, monsters and calamity spread across the world. Humans themselves joined the fight against these fierce monsters. The strongest mortals stood on top of the world, possessing the power of the gods. Those with power headed to the West to slay the serpent writhing on the bottom of the sea, and went to the East to destroy the dragon that swallowed the stars. All evil was banished.

In this age of peace, humans' power has become weak, the legends of the mighty are inaudible, and mortals must pray to the gods for protection.

However, no gods are flawless. A fierce clash broke out in the heavens, pitting the Olympians against the Titans. The Titan's, doomed to be imprisoned in Tartarus, seized their chance and released all evils in the world from Pandora's Box.

Since that fateful day, the curse from Pandora's Box has crept slowly across the world with a breath of terror that frightens even the strongest Olympians.