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Champion Clash

New PvE Event - Champion Clash

  • - Champion Clash unlocks at level 40. It has 14 chapters. Each chapter contains 5 levels, and every level has one boss fight. Players have 3 attempts a day.
  • - The boss for each level has a 1-5 star difficulty rating. Defeat the boss to get level rewards as well as items drops. After clearing a level, players will get star points based on the star ratings of the defeated bosses. Star points are use to collect chests.

Champion Clash unlocks at level 40. Click on the system icon to enter. 


  • - Higher levels become available once previous levels are cleared.
  • - Players can enter each level dungeon upon meeting the requirements by clicking on the boss icon. Each player has 3 daily attempts.

  • - Players with the following statuses will not be able to enter: in a party, currently escorting a convoy, or too low of level.

  • - Each level has a boss of a random star rating. The higher the boss's star rating, the higher the difficulty. Players can use “Refresh ★” or “1-Click 5★” to his or her liking.
Players have 3 free daily refresh attempts. Players can use "Refresh ★" to refresh bosses' star ratings. After free refreshes are used up, each refresh afterwards will cost 10 Diamonds. Defeated bosses' star ratings cannot be refreshed.

"1-Click 5★" will use 200 Diamonds to refresh all enemy units' star ratings to 5 stars.
  • - Player HP during battle comprises the combined HP of all a player's heroes. Player HP is maintained after defeating a boss. It will recover by 5% each time a boss is defeated.
  • - Defeating a level boss will yield rewards.
  • - Clear levels for rewards. The default ★ assessment of each level is the average count of ★ for the 5 monsters in the level. Different assessments yield varying rewards. The level rewards may contain Gem Packs, Coin Satchels, Spectra Ores, Mount Stones, etc.
  • - Clearing all the 5 levels of a chapter will reward you with Chapter Rewards, like Soul Quartzes, Coin Haversacks, Mount Stones, and Rare Deeds. Different chapters give different amounts of chapter rewards.
  • - Clearing levels rewards players with star points. Star points are needed to unlock chests, which contain EXP, increasingly higher level gems, and some other rare items. The more stars points, the better the rewards from chests. Star points received are based on the star ratings of defeated bosses.
  • - Players can use attempts to challenge levels and clear them. Lose and you will not be rewarded.
  •  - "First Blood" records the character who was the first to defeat the boss on the server and the time of victory.

  •  - "First Blood 5★" is given to the first player to defeat a 5★ boss on the server.
  • - During the challenge, clicking on "Exit" makes you leave the dungeon without being rewarded nor getting star points. If the battle becomes disrupted by internet issues, relogging will place you back to the battlefield interface.

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