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Cross-server Battle

[Rules] Cross-server Battle

Event Overview

There are two stages of Cross-Server Battles: Server/Cross-server Tournament, and Cross-server Domination.

Stage One: Server/Cross-server Tournament Rules

1. Match Time
Server tournaments will be held on every Saturday from 10:00 to 22:00.
Cross-server tournaments will be held on every Sunday from 10:00 to 22:00.

2. Eligibility
There are three lists: Mortal (Lvl. 55-69), Earth (Lvl. 70-89), Heaven (Lvl. 90-109).
Server Tournament: Lvl. 55+ players can attend.
Cross-server Tournament: Players who succeed in the Server Tournament can attend.

3. Rules
 According to the Man-at-arms Lvl., players have different numbers of free and purchasable challenge attempts.
 Get Battle Records by defeating players on different floors.
 Challengers must work their way up and have to clear the entire floor before moving on to the next floor.
 Higher floors yield better rewards. All players can collect rewards once the entire floor has been cleared.
 Players can spend Diamonds to automatically win, or switch heroes to restart challenge.
 Win the challenge to receive points. Failure still earns you half the points.

4. Qualified requirements
Server tournament’s top 10 players can attend cross-server tournaments.
Cross-server tournament’s top 32 players can take part in Cross-server Domination which is held Monday to Friday.

5. Rewards
Challenge rewards and floor rewards: Tons of Tribute, Coins, and an Ares Seal.
Server Qualified Pack: Ares Seal x5
Cross-server Qualified Pack: Ares Seal x10

After Cross-server Tournament rankings are determined, the next series of matches will take place starting on Monday and go on till Friday in order of Top 32, Top 16, Top 8, Semi-Finals, and Finals.

Stage Two: Cross-server Domination Rules

1. Match Time
The Top 32 Matches, Top 16 Matches, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Finals will be held every Monday to Friday. Matches are held every hour from 17:00 - 21:00 daily.

2. Eligibility
There are three brackets: Mortal (Lvl. 55-69), Earth (Lvl. 70-89), Heaven (Lvl. 90-109). The top 32 players in each bracket each list will be determined on Sunday.

3. Qualification requirements
2 players 1v1 and must win 3 out of 5 matches to qualify.

4. Battle rules
5 minutes before each battle begins, the local server will automatically upload participants’ combat data to the central server. The battle will be Auto-fought, and a recording of the battle can be viewed after the results are out.

5. Warcry rules

Lvl. 55+ players can do Warcries for upcoming contestants from 21:00 that day to 17:00 the following day. Players who Warcry will also be rewarded based on the outcome of the battle for the player they warcried for.

6. Rewards
Rewards will be sent out the same day after 21:00 when the battle results come out.

Top 32 Pack: Ares Seal x10
Top 16 Pack: Ares Seal x10
Top 8 Pack: Ares Seal x20
Top 4 Pack: Ares Seal x30
Runner-up Pack: Ares Seal x40
Champion Pack: Ares Seal x80

All Lvl. 55+ players on the champion’s server will receive a Mightiest King Glory gift pack.