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Cross-server BOSS Raid

​​​In the Cross-server BOSS Raid event, players from the same server-region can join in on an epic battle against a powerful Boss, and, if they want, PK (defeat) other players for Points afterwards.


1. The system unlocks at Lvl. 55.

2. Event time: Begins at 10:30 am and 10:30 pm each day;

3. The main boss will spawn after the event begins. Players can attack it by clicking on it, and can earn points by causing damage to it;

4. After defeating the BOSS, players will enter a PK stage. The last one standing will enter the next stage;

5. After entering the next stage, defeat a smaller boss for a chance at some rare items.



1. Enter Cross-server Boss Raid

- Before the event begins, you’ll notice a timer for the event below the Quest window.

- Click on it to open the Cross-server Boss Raid’s main interface. While the event is going on, you can click the 'Join' icon to teleport directly to the Cross-server Boss Raid scene.

- You won’t be able to enter after 2 minutes following the beginning of the event begins. You also won’t be able to join before or after the event. If you flee during a battle, you won't be able to re-enter the battle as well.

2. Battle Prep

- Upon entering the battle zone you'll have to wait 2 minutes before being able to challenge the boss. Wait patiently and prepare yourself accordingly.

3. Stage One: Defeat Boss

- After the Battle Prep stage concludes, the boss will spawn.

- This stage lasts for 10 minutes. There’s a countdown timer to show how much time is left.

- Damaging the boss will earn you points. Do more damage for more points.

- Point Rankings: Point rankings for the top 10 players along with your individual points will be displayed on the right. If two players have the same amount of points, the player who got points first will be ranked higher.

- After a player is defeated, they will return to the World BOSS map and will revive after 30 seconds;

Warcry: There’s options to Auto-fight and Auto-revive that can be selected before the fight begins and during it. Each Auto-revive costs 20 Diamonds.

- The Defeat BOSS stage will end when the BOSS has been successfully defeated within the time duration. If the BOSS was not killed in time, the BOSS will disappear.

4. Stage Two: Challenge Players

- You can defeat players to earn points. The last one standing will enter the last stage.

- This stage also lasts for 10 minutes and also has a timer.

- Please note that you can’t challenge a player who is already in a battle.

- The winner of a PL battle will get 10 points. The loser will get 5 points and will be teleported out of the battle zone.

- When the 10 minutes is up, the player who has the most points will enter the next stage. Any other remaining players will be teleported out of the battle zone.

5. Stage Three: Small BOSS

- There’s a Small Boss in the last stage. The player who has the most points will get to challenge this final boss. Click the 'Teleport Portal' and you'll be teleported to the area with the Small Boss map.

After you defeat the final boss, you will win three random drops listed on the main interface below.

6. Exchange Shop

The Points you earn can be exchanged for rare items - like Fire Essences and Perfect Fire Essence, which can be used to Bless Relics - in the Exchange Shop. The points you earn accumulate over time and can be used for future events.