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Mythborne New Player FAQ

Since many Mythborne players are not familiar with this game and may come across a few problems, let's sort out some frequently asked questions for Mythborne.

1. How do I obtain Titles?

There are 2 kinds of titles for Mythborne: Area Title and Honor Title. Hero Titles can be obtained through challenges, and Honor Titles can be obtained by meeting certain conditions. For more details, please click the Title icon below the game interface.

2. How do I get Skill Books?

Some Skill Books can be obtained at the early stage of Starter Quest, while other Skill Books can be purchased with Prestige in Prestige Shop. Open the Prestige Shop by clicking the Shop icon in your Bag.

3. How do I get more Stamina?

Currently, the max Stamina limit is 500. Each dungeon challenge consumes 10 STA. 10 STA is restored every 30 mins regardless of the player's online status. Stamina can be restored quickly by using STA Potion. Example: When a player has less than 50 STA, a system prompt will appear. Stamina can be purchased by clicking the + beside the Stamina Bar (Character area on the left of the game interface) or through Stamina Feast and Guild Blessing.

4. What's the limit of Stamina purchases?

Currently, non-VIP players can only purchase Stamina once per day. VIP1 and VIP3 players can buy 3 times a day, VIP4 and VIP5 can buy 5 times. The higher the VIP level, the more Stamina a player can purchase.

5. What's the opening time for the Feast event?

Lvl. 30+ players can collect an extra 100 Stamina at 12:00 and 18:00 every day.

6. How is the World Level calculated?

World Level refers to the average level of the top 20 players in World Level Ranking.

7. What are the functions and benefits of World Level?

When a player's level is 7 levels below the World Level, all the items he/she obtain from killing monsters are bound.

When the World Level is above or equal to 50, World Fortune will be open.

When a player's level is 5 levels above the World Level, EXP can be obtained.

When a player's level is 5 levels below the World Level, Coins can be obtained.

8. How is the World BOSS level calculated?

The World Boss level is equal to current World Level. If the World Level is below lvl. 30, the World Boss level is lvl. 30.

9. How do I recruit Heroes?

Heroes can be recruited through the Recruitment system.

10. What conditions should I meet to recruit Heroes?

Different conditions are needed for recruiting Heroes with different Intelligence (INT). The main influencing factor is the levels of your character and Ale.

11. How can I get the Ale needed for recruiting higher INT Heroes?

Obtain it through "Get Ale" in the Tavern.

12. How do I get Mugs?

Obtain Mugs by completing Daily Trials or purchase with Diamonds.

13. How do I gain Prestige?

Gain Prestige through Arena Ranking rewards, Arena Challenge and The Pit.

14. How do I equip Skills?

After learning skills, the skills will be added to the skill bar automatically. Only Active Skills and Rage Skills can be equipped. Passive Skills can't be dragged to the Skill Bar.

15. How many AFK hours can we have each day?

The AFK hours for ordinary players is tentatively scheduled for 8 hours, and the time exceeding the specified length will no longer give EXP. The offline AFK time for VIP players will be extended.

16. How do I get Astrals?

Currently, Astrals can be obtained through two methods: Activate and Supernova.

Activate Astrals costs Coins, Supernova costs Diamonds. The first Activate and Supernova each day are discounted.

17. How can I get better gear?

Players have a chance to get better gear by challenging the Immortals dungeons.

18. If I'm in the middle of War Gods and the time passes 24:00, will the attempt for the next day be used?

Nope! If you start War Gods before 24:00, your attempt for the following day will not be used.

19. How do I upgrade my Mount?

Mounts can be upgraded by using Mount Stones.

20. What's the Battle Rating boost received in The Pit?

In The Pit, players' HP, Attack and Defense stats will be boosted each time the player is killed or haven't challenged other players when the Death Timer resets to 0.

21. How many players can a party accommodate?

Each team can only have up to 3 players (including the party leader).

22. How do I buy items needed in the Forge?

Can be bought by clicking the Shop in your Bag.

23. How to obtain 1.2 EXP in escorting convoys?

1.2 Convoy EXP can be obtained when Convoy Club is unlocked. Unlocking Convoy Club costs Diamonds and will ensure everyone on your server gets a 20% EXP Bonus when escorting convoys.

24. How do I kick Heroes?

When deployed Heroes have reached the maximum limit and you want to change deployed Heroes, you must kick a Hero first.

25. How do I recall kicked Heroes?

After Heroes are kicked, you can recall them from the Tavern.

26. How do I view the attack order of my Heroes?

The attack order of Heroes in battle is influenced by various factors, but you can view the order in Tactics by clicking View Attack Order.

27. How about daily Spire challenge attempts and Keeper rewards?

You can challenge the Spire 2 times a day. Keeper rewards are sent daily at 12:30.