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The Forge

There are many ways to make your gear stronger in Mythborne, including: Enhance, Socket, Refine, Unleash. Each method will improve your Battle Rating in different ways!

Forge system: 

Enhance Gear:

Enhancing gear costs Coins. Using Luck Stones will help improve your success rate while enhancing gear!


Socketing Gems:

You'll first need to use a Drill to open sockets on your gear. Once a socket is available, choose from a wide range of Gems to socket!

Refine Gear:

Unsatisfied with the stat bonuses on your gear? Test your fate in the Forge and see what new stats refining will place on your gear!

Unleash Gear:

Unleash gear to increase the level of the gear (example: lvl. 30 gear can be unleashed to lvl. 40)


Upgrade Gear:

Upgrade your gear's quality to improve its stat bonuses! (example: upgrade gear from Greater to Rare)