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Guild Welfare

Guild Warfare

So you think your Guild is the best? Put it to the test in Guild Warfare! Every player who joins in will be rewarded and have a chance for loads of Guild Tribute, Wealth, EXP, Prestige and Titles!

Guild Warfare - Showdown 

Requirements: Simply be in a Guild!


Event time:

Mon., Wed., Fri. from 20:15-20:50. You are allowed to prepare for warfare from 20:15-20:20, while the actual fighting takes place from 20:20-20:50. Select the Guild Warfare icon in the Guild to join.



1. Must be in a party (1-3 players) to enter the Guild Warfare map.

2. Valor can be obtained in many ways (defeating Demigods, delivering Crystals, etc.).

3. The system will calculate the Guild's success based on each members battles during Warfare.

4. Top ranked players and Guilds will receive special rewards after Warfare is over!

5. Complete personal goals during Warfare to receive bonus EXP and Prestige.

6. When your Guild defeats the 3 Demigods (marked red on the map), the Guild can deliver Crystals to the Guild Altar one time.

7. Defeat Marauders for Valor Badges to deliver to the Guild Altar.

8. You can plunder other Guilds' members' Crystals and Valor Badges and deliver them to your own Guild Altar.

9. Ways to earn personal Valor:

- Beat other Guilds' squads in battle for +10 Valor

- Be defeated by other Guilds' squads for +5 Valor

- Defeat Demigods for +20 Valor

- Deliver Crystals or Valor Badges to the Guild Altar for +100 Valor

- Defeat Marauders I, II and III for +5, +10, and +20 Valor



Loads of Guild Tribute, Wealth, EXP, Prestige and Titles!