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All About Heroes

Tons of fantastic Heroes are available to you in Mythborne. Some are only available during special events, but most can be found directly in the Tavern. You'll need to have enough Ale and Prestige to recruit the Hero of your dreams!

Recruiting Heroes:

  • More Heroes will become available to you in the Tavern as you level up. Get Ale from "Cheers!" to be able to recruit them all.

  • Heroes of different quality (Fine, Greater, Rare, Epic, etc.) require different amounts and types of Ale to recruit. If you're trying to recruit a Greater Hero, you'll need Greater Ale. Nothing else will work to get the Hero into your squad!

  • The Heroes details will be listed in the tavern, including Name, Class, Skills, Title and quality.

  • When you have enough Ale, click the recruit button below the Hero you desire.

Read your Heroes' legends for more information on their strength, history and how best to use their abilities!