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Make sure to collect your Honor every day in Mythborne!


  Requirements: Reach level 30

  Event time: Permanent


  All About Honor:


  1. You can collect both Daily and Weekly Honor. If you reach the target online times, you can collect greater and greater Honor rewards!

  2. The higher your Honor rank, the more Honor you can collect! Honor is given for every hour spent online (max 10 hours)

  3. Spend Honor in the Honor shop for special items!

  4. Honor collection times are as follows:

  Daily Bonus 1: 2 hours

  Daily Bonus 2: 4 hours

  Daily Bonus 3: 6 hours

  5. Weekly Honor is separated into 3 goals of 16, 32 and 48 hours.

  - Players can spend 20K, 40K or 60K Diamonds to collect Weekly Honor rewards

  - Weekly playtime is reset at server time Monday 0:00

  6. Weekly Honor rewards can only be collected once per week