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Leveling Tips

​Leveling Up, Quickly!

So you want to level up? There are many methods, but your best bets are to join a guild, make tons of friends and get married! The keys to your success in Mythborne lay below:

I. Leveling Your Hero

1. First and foremost, participate in as many Daily Events as possible: Star-Crossed, Fishing, the Abyss, Convoy Escorts, The Pit and the Guild Bonfire. In Star-Crossed, players can invite others once a day to join them and accept another player's invitation two times per day. Convoys can be escorted 3 times per day, with a set period for double EXP rewards! You can also plunder other players' convoys twice per day. Make sure to also take full advantage of challenging players in The Pit! Lastly, plant loads of EXP Berries in your Farm as early as possible!

2. Spend Coins to Blitz dungeons, and make sure to Blitz the highest ones available to you! When taking on the Immortals, make sure to focus on the gear rewards that you are looking for.

3. Finish your weekly Dio Dice quests as early as possible! You have a limited number of Arena challenges per week, so make sure you have enough to complete the related Dio Dice quests!

4. Complete daily quests on a regular basis, and keep refreshing to collect all icons for special bonus rewards!

5. Deposit Energy into Dark Thirst and help unleash the beasts!

II. Increase BR

1. Attend other players' weddings to receive wedding gifts of Gems and Mugs!

2. Earn and spend Tribute in order to buy Skill Books to level up your Skills. Tribute can also be used to buy Drills, allowing you to socket your gear with powerful Gems.

3. Plant 1 hr. Spectra Berries during the day and 8 hr. Powder Buds while you're sleeping.

4. Test your luck and in skill in Tarot to receive huge amounts of Spectra.

5. Take on the Abyss every day. Even if you have trouble with the difficult monsters, as long as you reach 400 Abyss Pts., you'll be able to collect 6 Soul Quartz to improve your Essence!

6. Use Prestige to buy class Skill Books. Switch your Heroes in and out of your Squad. If you can win 30 fights in the Arena in a row (two days of victory), you'll get a bonus 3,000 Prestige

7. Challenge the Spire to unleash, upgrade and refine your gear.

8. Use Tribute to purchase Aura points to level up your Aura. Refresh your Aura skills every day, and apply it carefully to the right Hero!

9. Make sure to activate Astrals every day to improve each and every one of your Heroes. Focus on increasing Heroes' defenses first... if they fall in battle too quickly, what good is their strength?

10. Challenge War Gods at the end of your daily playing to take full advantage of the improvements you've made!

11. Get married to unlock Marriage Skills and send loads of flowers to your partner! Make sure to send flowers to other players too so that they'll help you in the future with your daily challenges.

12. When taking on the World BOSS, focus on a full out attack! The more damage you do to the boss, the higher your Prestige rewards will be.

III. Hero Combos

1. To make sure your Heroes survive, focus on raising their defenses and max HP. Equip the correct gear ATK gear to your Heroes; MATK for magic attackers and PATK for physical strikes.

2. Improve your main character's Essence before focusing on other Heroes. Rare and Epic Heroes can use Soul Quartz.

3. Focus on what your squad needs when recruiting Heroes. A strong setup will have 1 tank, 2 supports and 2 attackers.

4. Equip your Aura to the Hero with the strongest attacks. If you have an Aura that will improve middle column attackers' ATK by 2%, equip it to your Hero located in the second column.