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Mythborne - Have questions about how to get the best, fastest and strongest Mounts in Mythborne? Let's dive right in!


  There are four options in the Mount system: Training, Upgrade, Special Mounts and Fossils

  Players who reach level 2 will immediately be granted their very own Mount!

  Mount abilities:

  1. Once you're riding a mount, your character will receive a speed boost;

  2. Mounts will also increase your BR!

  Mount Upgrade:

  1. You can see all currently available Mount upgrades in the Mount Upgrade menu. Reach the targets to unlock the Mount of your dreams!

  2. You'll need to train your Mount to upgrade it to higher tiers. Each normal training will give your Mount 10 EXP. Use HQ Train to train your Mount 10 times and for a chance a 3x EXP bonus!

  3. Mount stat boosts will immediately be added to your Heroes after a successful upgrade!

  4. In order to train your Mount, you'll need Mount Stones or 20K Diamonds.

  Special Mounts

  There are also Special Mounts which can only be obtained through special events! These Mounts grant even higher stat bonuses.

  Want a huge BR boost? Work for those Special Mounts!