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Contained within Mythborne is a special Relic system that unlocks at level 30! Get Relics for amazing stat boosts that will rocket you into the stars!

Relics unlock at level 30, and can be obtained from BOSS Raid. The higher the quality of the Relic (Greater, Rare, Epic, etc.), the higher the stat bonuses will be.  

You can also engrave your Relics with Snow, Azure, Ebony, Vermilion and Mystic patterns.

Bless Relics

The Bless Relics system can be found within the Relics panel if you’re Lvl. 55+.


1. Place a Hero with relics equipped in the selected Hero Slot on the left. Only 1 Hero Slot will be available at Lvl. 55; more Hero Slots will open as your character level increases, up to maximum of 5 Hero Slots.

2. Every Hero has its own Blessing Level. Blessing Relic Slots gives Relics additional stat bonuses based on the Relic and a given percentage that increases with higher Blessing Levels. Each Blessing can increase the Blessing Level of the selected Hero’s Relic Slot. The higher the Blessing Level, the higher the percentage bonus for the Relic’s stats will be.

3. Blessings require Fire Essences and Perfect Fire Essences. The former can be obtained in the Vault, and the latter can be obtained from the Cross-server BOSS Raid. 

The required amount of Fire Essences to increase the Blessing Level by one depends on the current Bless Level; on the other hand, the amount of Perfect Fire Essences required is always just one.