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The Abyss

Dive into the depths of the Abyss! Any players level 30 and above can join in this daring adventure for super rewards!

  The Abyss:

  Required level: 30

  Event time: Daily from 19:10-19:40

  Event intro:

  1. The Abyss has 5 levels. Monsters become fewer and stronger with each level, but rewards improve greatly. Choose your map and dive in!

  2. Monsters will spawn every 2 minutes in each Abyss. Slay them for rewards!

  3. Except for Abyss 1 - Fogwood, players can attack each other at any time. If a player loses, they will be sent back to Abyss 1.

  4. Every 3 minutes, unique items will spawn in each Abyss granting special abilities. There are 4 types of items:

  - Hermes Shoe: Doubles movement speed. Lasts for 3 minutes.

  - War Shield: Cannot be attacked by other players for 3 minutes.

  - Smite: Use in battle to immediately kill your opponent.

  - Peach: Use in battle to restore Heroes' HP.

  5. In minute 5, 15, and 25, a unique event will occur in each Abyss.

  - Abyss 1 - Fogwood: Firegrass appears. Deliver it to an NPC for special rewards.

  - Abyss 2 - Bloodcrag: Collect battle tokens and fight another player for extra rewards!


  - Abyss 3 - Frostmelt: Treasure Chests appear. Find for extra rewards!

  - Abyss 4 - Inferno: Demon Lycao spawns. Kill it for bonus items!


  - Abyss 5 - Origin: Lord - Star Demon spawns. Kill it for bonus items!


  6. During the event, kill monsters, duel with other players and complete each Abyss' unique tasks to earn Abyss Points. Players will earn EXP and Prestige rewards. The player who claims Rank 1 will receive the special title "Abyss Argonaut" which lasts until the next Abyss event.

  7. Event rewards include Soul Quartz, EXP and Prestige