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Mythborne Guides 

We'll now briefly introduce your first steps in Mythborne, which will lead you to the mystic world of the Olympians and help you to learn about the general knowledge when you enter the game for the first time.

1. Character Creation

After entering the game, create a character and make sure to pick a name you like! The character you create speaks for yourself, so players can personalize their character names. Please also note that no banned words are allowed in your character names.

2. Starter Quest

Starter quests are the basic and main systems that can help you quickly learn the game. To become a game master, it's very important to first understand the gameplay.

3. Recruiting Heroes

You need a squad at your command! In Mythborne, you can recruit various Heroes like Luna, Nike and Medusa to increase your Battle Rating. You'll need their help to easily destroy demons, saving the world from further calamity!

It's easy to recruit Heroes, but quite the task to train them! Knowing which Heroes to deploy and how to train and equip them is incredibly important. Suggestion: If there are not enough defensive units in your front rows, it's best to recruit a defensive Hero. The best attacks should also be built on the premise of survival!

4. Leveling Up

The EXP needed to level up will increase with each level, but the EXP given from harder quests will increase as well! Remember to participate in every event in the game, especially the Abyss, The Pit, and Guild Warfare. You can gain large amounts of EXP by participating in the daily events. You can also gain more items and resources!