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War Gods

War Gods is a challenging event for skilled and powerful players! Test your might as wave after wave of Mythborne's most dangerous enemies attack you and your squad at full power!

  War Gods - A Test of Strength 


  Reach level 33 to unlock War Gods. Simply select the War Gods event button to enter! 

  War Gods battle:


  1. War Gods is a solo event and cannot be entered while you are in a party.

  2. You can challenge War Gods once per day.

  3. You will receive another chance to challenge War Gods at 0:00.

  4. EXP and Mount Upgrade items will be received for every floor you clear.

  5. If you have already cleared a floor before, you can use Smite and Heal 1 time for free.

  6. The player with the highest War Gods kill streak will receive a special title of "Unbreakable".

  7. If you clear a BOSS floor within 3 turns, you will immediately advance 5 floors to the next BOSS floor.