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Wishing Well

In this brand-new Wishing Well system, by making a wish you have a chance to obtain a Special Mount, or a Costume, a Pair of Wings, or another rare item. The system unlocks at Lvl. 50, and is available on servers that have been around for more than 8 days.

- Go to the City of Athens and find the statue of Athena (Coordinates in the map: [186, 111])

- The Wishing Well system can be found here by clicking on the statue.

Make a Wish: Each Wish consumes a Wish Coin. For every Wish made, players will be rewarded with a random item from the Wishing Well Item list. Players with 10 or more Wish Coins can take advantage of the Auto-Wish feature by clicking on it. This feature will continue to exchange your Wish Coins for items from the Wishing Well until you no longer have any coins, or you stop it manually. If you want to stop the Auto-Wish, just re-click the Auto-Wish button again.

When 8888 Wishing Well Attempts have been made, the list of Wishing Well Items will reset and be refilled. If this happen while players are in the process of auto-wishing, the Auto-Wish will stop.

Wish EXP: Every time players make a wish, one point will be added to the Wishing Well’s progress in the top right. When the Wishing Well’s progress reaches a certain figure (1111 EXP, or a multiple of 1111, i.e. 2222, 3333, 4444, 5555, 6666, 7777, and 8888 ), a lucky player will receive a rare unbound prize (a random Supreme EXP Pack, or a Lvl. 6 Gem Pack). 

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