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World BOSS

Let's learn how to be the best at destroying the World BOSS in Mythborne!

  Event time: Daily from 15:00-15:30

  You will be prompted to join the World BOSS when the event begins every day

  Click the World BOSS icon to automatically enter the World BOSS dungeon.


  World BOSS preparation:



  1. Cannot enter the World BOSS area while in a party;

  2. There is a 3 minute preparation window once the World BOSS begins;

  3. During this window, players cannot begin attacking the World BOSS;

  4. Players who are fighting the World BOSS will have a "fighting" icon above their avatar;

  5. After a player is defeated, they will return to the World BOSS map and will revive after 30 seconds;

  6. The player who deals the final blow to the World BOSS will reap huge rewards, but any player who joins the fight against the boss will also get rewards!

  Revive and Warcry:

  While fighting the World BOSS, you may want some more power to up your damage;

  Click the "Warcry" icon. Each time you use Warcry, a "Warcry Mark" will be used, improving your squad's stats;

  Selecting "Auto-Fight" will allow your character to automatically attack the World BOSS after reviving;

  Selecting "Auto-Revive" will automatically spend Diamonds to immediately revive your character;

  If there are too many players on your screen, you can select "Hide other players".


  Click Revive in order to join the fight again!



  The top 10 players who deal the most damage to the World BOSS will get amazing bonus rewards!