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Mythborne Anniversary Events!

Anniversary Events

Duration: 2/3- 2/9

Servers: All servers
Eight events to celebrate the Anniversary: 

•  Daily Login Reward, Anniversary Roulette, Holiday Quests, Envelope Exchange, Messenger Delivery, Challenge Anniversary BOSS, Booster Bash, Recharge Rankings.

•  Daily Login: During the event, login every day to receive Raffle Tickets and other rewards!

•  Anniversary Roulette: During the event, in addition to playing Anniversary Roulette to win handsome prizes, you also can get extra rewards by spinning the roulette wheel a certain number of times.

•  Holiday Quests: During the event, kill a certain number of "Messengers" to qualify for rewards.

•  Envelope Exchange: During the event, collect enough Envelopes to qualify for rewards.

•  Messenger Delivery: During the event, kill the messengers in Athens to receive loot.

•  Anniversary BOSS: Defeat the Anniversary BOSS to get precious items!

•  Booster Bash: During the event, reach the specified total recharge amount to get handsome rewards.

•  Recharge Rankings: During the event, purchase 200k or more Diamonds to be eligible for ranking and get tons of rewards. First place for server will receive a pair of rare Wings!