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Mythborne Event for 10/4 - 10/10

Duration: 10/4 – 10/10
Requirements: Lvl. 30
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There are 4 events: Spin, Login Bonus, Dailies and Points Shop.
Spin: Spin the Roulette Wheel to get abundant rewards. Each spin consumes one item.
Login Bonus: Login during the event to get bountiful gifts.
Dailies: Complete daily challenges to get rewards.
Points Shop: Exchange points for items. Spin the Roulette Wheel to get points.

Discount in Vault
Duration: 10/4 – 10/10
Description: From Oct 30th to Nov 1st, Vault items are 70% off.

X-Server Recharge
Duration: 10/4 – 10/10

1. Rankings
Description: Any lvl. 50+ player, among all servers, who recharges 5,000+ Blue Diamonds will be ranked. The top 20 players in the rankings will be handsomely rewarded through in-game mail.
1) This event unlocks at lvl. 50;
2) After the event begins, any Lvl. 50+ player who recharges 5000+ Blue Diamonds will be ranked;3) The more amount of Diamonds one recharges, the higher the ranks one may get;

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3) When the recharge amounts are the same, the earlier recharger will be ranked higher;
4) Ranking rewards will be distributed through in-game mail after the event is over. Any player who recharges an amount of 5000+ Blue Diamonds will receive a special gift also.
5) Rankings resets after the event is over.

Teamwork Benefits
Duration: 10/4 – 10/10
Description: During the event, when enough players do single recharges in the given amounts below, all players who have recharged in those given amounts can collect the associated rewards.

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- Players can recharge in 5 different amounts and then collect corresponding rewards. Rewards can be collected only once.
- Rewards pertaining to a certain amount are only applied from single recharges in those amounts; recharge amounts do not accumulate.
- Players who meet the above criteria are qualified for the rewards when enough players have recharged accordingly.

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Diamond Rebate
Duration: 10/4 – 10/10

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1. During the event, VIP players can get a Diamond rebate by recharging the corresponding amounts.
2. The higher the VIP level, the higher the rebate ratio.
3. Click the collect button to claim rewards upon reaching the target amount.
4. Rewards that haven’t been collected during the event will be sent to you through in-game mail.