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Mythborne Event for 5/30 - 6/05!

X-Server Recharge
Duration: 5/30 – 6/5
Servers: S1 – S75

Description: Any lvl. 50+ player, among all servers, who recharges 5,000+ Blue Diamonds will be ranked. The top 20 players in the rankings will be handsomely rewarded through in-game mail.
1) This event unlocks at lvl. 50;
2) After the event begins, any Lvl. 50+ player who recharges 5000+ Blue Diamonds will be ranked;3) The more amount of Diamonds one recharges, the higher the ranks one may get;
3) When the recharge amounts are the same, the earlier recharger will be ranked higher;
4) Ranking rewards will be distributed through in-game mail after the event is over. Any player who recharges an amount of 5000+ Blue Diamonds will receive a special gift also.
5) Rankings resets after the event is over.

Sakura x1, Soul Quartz x200, Lvl. 9 Gem Pack x2, Dragon Chest x65
Demon Outifi x1, Soul Quartz x110, Lvl. 8 Gem Pack x3, Dragon Chest x50
Hippogryph x1, Soul Quartz x90, Lvl. 8 Gem Pack x2, Dragon Chest x40
Coin Haversack x50, Soul Quartz x70, Lvl. 7 Gem Pack x3, Dragon Chest x30
Coin Haversack x30, Soul Quartz x50, Lvl. 7 Gem Pack x2, Dragon Chest x15
Buy 5 purple Diamonds (5000 blue Diamonds) to claim.
Coin Haversack x15, Soul Quartz x20, Lvl. 6 Gem Pack x2, Wings Scrollx7


Diamond Rebate

Duration: 5/30 – 6/5
Servers: S1 – S75
Description: During the event, players can obtain Tokens by spending and recharging, which are exchangeable for special items. Players get 1 Token per recharged Diamond, and another per each Diamond spent in the Vault and the Shop. With enough Tokens, you can also collect the free items on the left. Collecting the items on the left won't consume any Tokens.
Click the 'Diamond Rebate' icon to enter. 

Swap Items
200 Tokens
Fortify Stone x1
300 Tokens
Demigod Soul x1
350 Tokens
EXP Astrals IV x1
400 Tokens
Flawless Star Crystal x1
1500 Tokens
2000 Tokens
Fine Fortune Pack x1
5000 Tokens
Greater Fortune Pack x1
5000 Tokens
Stat Elixir III x1
7999 Tokens
Drill V x1
21500 Tokens
Lvl. 5 Demigod Skill Book x1
23800 Tokens
Sweetheart Outfit x1
145000 Tokens
Griffin Skyrme x1


Duration: 5/30 – 6/5
Servers: S1 – S75
Requirements: Lvl. 30
There are 4 events: Spin, Login Bonus, Dailies and Points Shop.
Spin: Spin the Roulette Wheel to get abundant rewards. Each spin consumes one item.
Login Bonus: Login during the event to get bountiful gifts.
Dailies: Complete daily challenges to get rewards.
Points Shop: Exchange points for items. Spin the Roulette Wheel to get points.

Duration: 5/30 – 6/5
Servers: S1 – S75

Description: Players can pray to the gods and get resources. There's a chance of getting double resources.
Click this icon to enter when you're Lvl. 30+.

- Praying unlocks at Lvl. 30+. The second category of prayer (Demigod Points Prayer) unlocks at Lvl. 50.
- Players can select one or more Gods to pray to. Each God gives different types of resources, including Silver Coins, Demigod points, Pyxie Powder, Spectra, and Prestige.
- Each prayer costs 50 Diamonds.
- Resources acquired vary depending on players' character levels. Higher character levels yield more resources.
- There's a chance you'll get double the amount of resources you pray for.
- Non-VIP players can pray 10 times a day for their desired types of resources. You can get one extra prayer for each type of resource by upgrading your VIP level, (i.e., VIP1-VIP2 players have 11 attempts, VIP3-VIP4 players have 12 attempts, etc.)
- VIP attempts reset each day at 00:00.