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Mythborne Event for 7/11 - 7/17

Recharge Spree
Duration: 7/11 - 7/17
Servers: S1 – S76
Description: Players Lvl. 15+ who recharge enough Diamonds can collect on various Diamond Returns. In addition, they’ll be able to dig for Diamonds in the Treasure Hunt!

Click the 


 icon to enter.


Diamond Returns
- The figures under the total recharge column show the amounts for Your current recharge / Target recharge. 
- Each of the target rewards can only be collected once. 
- Recharge amounts accumulate, so if recharge 1000 Diamonds, you will be able to collect both the 100 Diamond and 200 Diamond rewards.
- Clicking Collect doesn’t subtract from your accumulated recharge amounts.

See the chart below for the specified requirements:


Unlock Cost

Recharge 2500 Diamonds cumulatively

200 Diamonds

Recharge 7500 Diamonds cumulatively

500 Diamonds

Recharge 25000 Diamonds cumulatively

1000 Diamonds

Discount in Vault
Duration: 7/11 - 7/17
Servers: S1 – S76
Description: From Oct 30th to Nov 1st, Vault items are 70% off.



Diamond Rebate
Duration: 7/11 - 7/17
Servers: S1 – S76
Description: During the event, players can obtain Tokens by spending and recharging, which are exchangeable for special items. Players get 1 Token per recharged Diamond, and another per each Diamond spent in the Vault and the Shop. With enough Tokens, you can also collect the free items on the left. Collecting the items on the left won't consume any Tokens.
Click the 'Diamond Rebate' icon to enter.




Swap Items

200 Tokens

Fortify Stone x1

300 Tokens

Demigod Soul x1

350 Tokens

EXP Astrals IV x1

400 Tokens

Flawless Star Crystal x1

1500 Tokens


2000 Tokens

Fine Fortune Pack x1

5000 Tokens

Greater Fortune Pack x1

5000 Tokens

Stat Elixir III x1

7999 Tokens

Drill V x1

21500 Tokens

Lvl. 5 Demigod Skill Book x1

23800 Tokens

Sweetheart Outfit x1

145000 Tokens

 Spirit Stone Upgrade Token x1

Teamwork Benefits
Duration: 7/11 - 7/17
Servers: S1 – S76
Description: During the event, when enough players do single recharges in the given amounts below, all players who have recharged in those given amounts can collect the associated rewards.

Click the 'Teamwork Benefits' icon to enter.


- Players can recharge in 5 different amounts and then collect corresponding rewards. Rewards can be collected only once.
- Rewards pertaining to a certain amount are only applied from single recharges in those amounts; recharge amounts do not accumulate.
- Players who meet the above criteria are qualified for the rewards when enough players have recharged accordingly.