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Mythborne Event for 8/22 - 8/29

Discount in Vault
Duration: 8/22 - 8/29
Servers: S1 – S77
Description: From Aug 22nd to Aug 29th, Vault items are 70% off.

Teamwork Benefits
Duration: 8/22 - 8/29
Servers: S1 – S77
Description: During the event, when enough players do single recharges in the given amounts below, all players who have recharged in those given amounts can collect the associated rewards.

Click the 'Teamwork Benefits' icon to enter. Name:  image001.jpg
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- Players can recharge in 5 different amounts and then collect corresponding rewards. Rewards can be collected only once.
- Rewards pertaining to a certain amount are only applied from single recharges in those amounts; recharge amounts do not accumulate.
- Players who meet the above criteria are qualified for the rewards when enough players have recharged accordingly.

Diamond Rebate
Duration: 8/22 - 8/29
Servers: S1 – S77


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1. During the event, VIP players can get a Diamond rebate by recharging the corresponding amounts.
2. The higher the VIP level, the higher the rebate ratio.
3. Click the collect button to claim rewards upon reaching the target amount.
4. Rewards that haven’t been collected during the event will be sent to you through in-game mail.

Great Bargain
Duration: 8/22 - 8/29
Servers: S1 – S77
Requirements: Lvl. 30


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Great Bargain includes three events: VIP Discount, Super Rebate and Dailies Bonus.

1.VIP Discount: Includes four VIP zones: VIP4 Zone, VIP6 Zone, VIP8 Zone and VIP10 Zone. Reach specified VIP level to purchase limited precious items with amazing discount. The higher the VIP level, the lower the price.

2. Super Rebate: Collect corresponding rewards by reaching specified recharge or consumption amount. Each reward can only be collected once.

3. Dailies Bonus: Complete specified daily quests to get handsome rewards. The quest will reset at 00:01 daily. The rewards won’t be sent to you through in-game mail, the uncollected rewards will be wiped at 00:01 the second day.

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Super Swap

Duration: 8/22 - 8/29
Servers: S1 – S77
Description: During the event, complete certain quests to obtain Giveaway Pts. Different events reward different amounts of Pts. Use the Giveaway Pts in the Super Swap interface to exchange for rare items and a special mount. 
Click the 'Super Swap' icon to enter. Name:  image008.jpg
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Swap CostSwap Items
30 Giveay Pts.Pirate Outfit Fragment / Coin Haversack
80 Giveaway Pts.Wish Coin x2
90 Giveaway Pts.Fortify Stone x2
300 Giveaway Pts.Epic Deed x2
500 Giveaway Pts.Lvl. 5 Gem Pack x2
800 Giveaway Pts.Epic Astral Pack x2
1500 Giveaway Pts.EXP III x7
3000 Giveaway Pts.Hippogryph x1
5000 Giveaway Pts.Stat Elixir III x2
6000 Giveaway Pts.Perfect Fire Essence x2