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Mythborne Events for 3/02-3/07!

Super Swap
 3/2 - 3/7
Servers: S1 – S69
Description: During the event, complete certain quests to obtain Giveaway Pts. Different events reward different amounts of Pts. Use the Giveaway Pts in the Super Swap interface to exchange for rare items and a special mount. 
Click the 'Super Swap' icon to enter. 


Swap CostSwap Items
30 Giveay Pts.Pirate Outfit Fragment / Coin Haversack
80 Giveaway Pts.Wish Coin x2
90 Giveaway Pts.Fortify Stone x2
300 Giveaway Pts.Epic Deed x2
500 Giveaway Pts.Lvl. 5 Gem Pack x2
800 Giveaway Pts.Epic Astral Pack x2
1500 Giveaway Pts.EXP III x7
3000 Giveaway Pts.Komodo x1
5000 Giveaway Pts.Stat Elixir III x2
6000 Giveaway Pts.Perfect Fire Essence x2

Duration: 3/2 - 3/4
Servers: S1 – S70
Description: Players can pray to the gods and get resources. There's a chance of getting double resources.
Click this ‘Pray’ icon to enter when you're Lvl. 30+. 

- Praying unlocks at Lvl. 30+. The second category of prayer (Demigod Points Prayer) unlocks at Lvl. 50.
- Players can select one or more Gods to pray to. Each God gives different types of resources, including Silver Coins, Demigod points, Pyxie Powder, Spectra, and Prestige.
- Each prayer costs 50 Diamonds.
- Resources acquired vary depending on players' character levels. Higher character levels yield more resources.
- There's a chance you'll get double the amount of resources you pray for.
- Non-VIP players can pray 10 times a day for their desired types of resources. You can get one extra prayer for each type of resource by upgrading your VIP level, (i.e., VIP1-VIP2 players have 11 attempts, VIP3-VIP4 players have 12 attempts, etc.)
- VIP attempts reset each day at 00:00.

Recharge Spree
Duration: 3
/4 - 3/7
Servers: S1 – S70
Description: Players Lvl. 15+ who recharge enough Diamonds can collect on various Diamond Returns. In addition, they’ll be able to dig for Diamonds in the Treasure Hunt!

Click the ‘Recharge Spree’ icon to enter. 

Diamond Returns
- The figures under the total recharge column show the amounts for Your current recharge / Target recharge. 
- Each of the target rewards can only be collected once. 
- Recharge amounts accumulate, so if recharge 1000 Diamonds, you will be able to collect both the 100 Diamond and 200 Diamond rewards.
- Clicking Collect doesn’t subtract from your accumulated recharge amounts.

See the chart below for the specified requirements:

RequirementsUnlock Cost
Recharge 2500 Diamonds cumulatively200 Diamonds
Recharge 7500 Diamonds cumulatively500 Diamonds
Recharge 25000 Diamonds cumulatively1000 Diamonds

Diamond Rebate
Duration: 3
/5 - 3/7
Servers: S1 – S70
Description: During the event, players can obtain Tokens by spending and recharging, which are exchangeable for special items. Players get 1 Token per recharged Diamond, and another per each Diamond spent in the Vault and the Shop. With enough Tokens, you can also collect the free items on the left. Collecting the items on the left won't consume any Tokens.
Click the 'Diamond Rebate' icon to enter. 


RequirementsSwap Items
200 TokensFortify Stone x1
300 TokensDemigod Soul x1
350 TokensEXP Astrals IV x1
400 TokensFlawless Star Crystal x1
1500 TokensEXP III x1
2000 TokensFine Fortune Pack x1
5000 TokensGreater Fortune Pack x1
5000 TokensStat Elixir III x1
7999 TokensDrill V x1
21500 TokensLvl. 5 Demigod Skill Book x1
23800 TokensSweetheart Outfit x1
145000 TokensGreen Dragon x1

-The Mythborne Ops Team