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Mythborne Events for 5.10-5.16!

Duration: 5/10 - 5/16
Servers: S1 – S74
Description: Players can pray to the gods and get resources. There's a chance of getting double resources.
Click this icon to enter when you're Lvl. 30+.

- Praying unlocks at Lvl. 30+. The second category of prayer (Demigod Points Prayer) unlocks at Lvl. 50.
- Players can select one or more Gods to pray to. Each God gives different types of resources, including Silver Coins, Demigod points, Pyxie Powder, Spectra, and Prestige.
- Each prayer costs 50 Diamonds.
- Resources acquired vary depending on players' character levels. Higher character levels yield more resources.
- There's a chance you'll get double the amount of resources you pray for.
- Non-VIP players can pray 10 times a day for their desired types of resources. You can get one extra prayer for each type of resource by upgrading your VIP level, (i.e., VIP1-VIP2 players have 11 attempts, VIP3-VIP4 players have 12 attempts, etc.)
- VIP attempts reset each day at 00:00.

Teamwork Benefits
Duration: 5/10 - 5/16
Servers: S1 – S74
Description: During the event, when enough players do single recharges in the given amounts below, all players who have recharged in those given amounts can collect the associated rewards.

Click the 'Teamwork Benefits' icon to enter. 

- Players can recharge in 5 different amounts and then collect corresponding rewards. Rewards can be collected only once.
- Rewards pertaining to a certain amount are only applied from single recharges in those amounts; recharge amounts do not accumulate.
- Players who meet the above criteria are qualified for the rewards when enough players have recharged accordingly.


Discount in Vault
Duration: 5/10 - 5/16
Servers: S1 – S74
Description: From May 10th to May 16th, Vault items are 30% off.


Duration: 5/10 - 5/16
Servers: S1 - S74
Description: Lvl. 30+ players can get bucketfuls of rare and special items by simply clicking the move icon, which will roll a die and move the marker over to land on one of many prizes.
Click the icon to enter.

- Click the 'Move' icon on the bottom-right corner of the screen to roll the dice. Your marker will move a given number of spaces based on what’s shown on the dice roll. 
- Each move consumes one move attempt. Each player will have one free move attempt when they first start out during one event, and will obtain a move per every 200 Diamonds spent. They can also gain one free move by staying online for 3 hours at a time, up to 8 free move attempts if they stay online for a whole day.
- Players will be able to obtain many types of rewards depending on where their marker lands. There're two categories of rewards: common rewards (the Raffle Reward Packs) and rare rewards (the chests). 

The rare chests contain two parts:
1. A Raffle Reward Pack of a random level, which can be obtained immediately after landing on the chest, and allows you to get Jewels from it.
2. A Recharge Pack, which unlocks immediately after the cumulative recharges - that happen while the event is going on - reaches the required amount.

There are 6 kinds of recharge packs in total. Each type of Recharge Pack can only be collected once, but the recharges accumulate and the amounts apply towards the next target’s rewards.

The contents of the Recharge Pack depend on the amounts players recharge. Hover the cursor over the chest to see the specific items contained in the various packs. 

Jewel x1200
Flash x1
Jewel x300
Foo Dog x1
Jewel x150
Zodios x1
Jewel x150
Earl Outfit x1
Jewel x150
Yakamae x1
Jewel x150
Desert Warrior x1
Jewel x150
King Kong x1
Jewel x150
Panther x1
Jewel x150
Salamander x1
Jewel x150
Red Scorpion x1

Recharge Amount
Goal Players
Single recharge 500 Diamonds
5+ Players
Epic Deed x1, Lvl. 5 Gem Pack x1, Demigod Soul x2
Single Recharge 1000 Diamonds
4+ Players
Epic Astral Pack x1, Lvl. 5 Gem Pack x2, Flawless Star Crystal x3
Single Recharge 3000 Diamonds
3+ Players
Wish Coin x10, Lvl. 6 Gem Pack x1, EXP III x1
Single Recharge 6000 Diamonds
2+ Players
Wish Coin x30, Lvl. 7 Gem Pack x1, Stat Elixir III x1
Single Recharge 10000 Diamonds
1+ Players
Wish Coin x50, Lvl. 8 Gem Pack x1, Eclipse x1