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Mythborne Server Merges 11/03!

Hello all,

For better game environment and experience, we are going to merge the servers listed as below in this week. Prepare yourself and your crews to beat new enemies! Thank you for your support of Mythborne!

10:00, November 3rd (GMT+8)


(S15+S18+S20+S21)+(S24+S26+S28+S30 ) 

Time zone:GMT-4

Note: The Statue of Athens event will be affected by the merging, and unfortunately the current progress will be reset. But fret not! We will make fair compensations on all affected servers!

Each group of servers will be down for approximately 2-3 hrs in order to allow for adequate testing. There's a possibility the downtime may be shorter. Please keep an eye on this thread for any updates or changes. 

Check out information regarding Mythborne server merges!

MTH server merge banner.jpg

R2Games Mythborne Ops Team