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[Patch Notes] Mythborne Update!

New Event

Digging Up
Time: 10/29 - 11/04
Server: S1-S62
Requires: Lvl. 30

1. During the event, player can spend certain amount of Diamonds to dig treasures;
2. All the Diamonds players spend on digging will be put in the prize pool. Players then dig out Diamonds from the pond with a chance to get them all;
3. The treasures will reset by random countdown;
4. All the Diamonds players spent will be added up to the prize pond total Diamonds.
5. Total Diamonds in the prize pool reset when the event is over.

Six Halloween Surprises
Time: 10/29 - 11/04
Server: S1-S62

i. Holiday Quests
We have a “Trick or Treat” quest for you during the Halloween event: Kill specified monster x times to win rewards. Note: Holiday Quests reset daily during the event.

ii. Collect Candy
During the Halloween event, the players can collect candies by defeating monsters in the Pumpkin Fight. Collected candies can be exchanged for corresponding items.
Note: One can only exchange candies for once per day. Exchange resets daily.

iii. Booster Bash
1. During the Halloween event, buy a total of certain amount of Diamonds to get handsome rewards.
2. Players will be ranked after completing all Booster Bash events;
3. The top 3 players can get extra rank reward; (Ranking will be based on total purchased amount of Diamonds during the event, if 2 players bought the same amount, then it will be decided by the time order.);
4. The top ranked player can get a pair of rare Wings which is one and only in the world, the Wings will be delivered through in game mail.

iv. Spin
Spin attempts will be increased during the Halloween event.
1. Spin 120 times to get rewards during the event.
2. Claim once per day, resets daily at 00:00.
3. Click the "Spin 120 Times" tab, to check the reward panel.

v. Pumpkin Fight
During the event, kill the monsters in Athens to collect candies, candies can be used to exchange for items.
1. If the monsters haven’t been killed in 3 minutes, it will vanish;
2. You can’t be in a party.
vi. Pumpkin Raid
During the Halloween event, kill the Holiday BOSS in BOSS Raid to get handsome rewards!

New Content

Drake System
Requires: Lvl. 55

1. There are 3 Drake Egg at beginning: Frost, Flame and Thunder, hatch the eggs to get corresponding Dragon. Hatching process will be 72 hours, it can be accelerate by using Dragon Flame.
2. The Dragon can be deployed and buffs all Heroes deployed in battle.
3. Dragon can equip gears, there are 3 sets of gears: Frost, Flame and Thunder. Each set are made up of Claw, Scale and Blood. Wearing these gears can improve stats boosts and provide Elem-ATK or Elem-DEF.
4. Gears can be crafted and upgraded by using Fragments. Each set has 5 different qualities, each quality has 5 levels.

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